Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water 0m+ 100ml
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Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water 0m+ 100ml

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Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water 0m+ 100ml is a sweet and delicate fragrance designed to perfume your baby's skin.


Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water 0m+ 100ml offers a soft, sweet, and delicate fragrance specially designed to perfume your baby's sensitive skin from birth onwards. Made with 96% natural origin ingredients, this perfumed water prioritizes your baby's well-being while imbuing them with a tender and enchanting aroma. This alcohol-free water ensures a gentle fragrance experience for your baby's sensitive skin. It's the perfect way to envelop your little one in a soft and good-smelling scent. So, it will help make those cuddles sweet-smelling and even more memorable.

Imagine finishing off your baby's bath with a light application of this lovely fragrance. Alternatively, perhaps you're settling your baby down for a nap, and some drops of this perfume contribute to sweet-smelling dreams. Or, what if you're heading out for a family outing? This fragrance is the perfect final touch, enhancing your baby’s natural sweetness. Therefore, it's a versatile product that can be seamlessly incorporated into various parts of your day, enriching those precious moments with your baby.

So, whether you're at home or on the go, this perfumed water provides that extra touch of sweetness and joy to your everyday interactions with your baby. The aroma is designed to be as tender as your love for your little one, and it's a wonderful way to introduce your baby to the world of delightful scents in a safe and skin-friendly manner. All in all, its gentle formulation and enchanting scent make it a product that both babies and parents will adore.

  • Fragrance: sweet and delicate scent;
  • Suggested for: babies.

Dispense a small amount of Chicco Baby Moments Sweet Perfumed Water 0m+ 100ml onto your hands. Apply the perfumed water to the baby's clothes and skin, after the bath or whenever you desire.

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