Suavinex Premium Bottle 3 Position Silicone Nipple +0m 270ml x1
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Suavinex Premium Bottle 3 Position Silicone Nipple +0m 270ml x1

SAR 68٫41

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Suavinex Premium Bottle 3 Position Silicone Nipple +0m 270ml x1 provides great help with regard to feeding newborns in their first months of age. Therefore, this BPA-free baby bottle has a material that is transparent like glass but resistant like plastic. Specifically, its material is made of premium polyamide, perfectly safe and practical for babies. Furthermore, this baby bottle has a colorful design that will delight anyone! Its embossed design adds a refined touch to this baby essential.

Regarding the teat provided with this baby bottle, it has a perfect three-in-one system for various occasions. In this sense, the teat adapts effortlessly to the baby's needs and the type of food he will consume. So, just turn the baby bottle from one side to the other to regulate the intensity of the liquid output, always ensuring the correct suction of the baby from the first day of age. At the same time, this teat has an anti-colic valve. This helps the baby to take in less air which in turn prevents uncomfortable and annoying colic. All in all, this baby bottle and teat are perfect for all occasions when your baby needs to be fed. They, therefore, become a practical, safe, and comfortable option for everyone.

  • Ideal for: feeding babies with water, juices, breast milk or even more solid purees;
  • Special features: the baby bottle has premium quality and an ultra-resistant material perfect for even the most restless babies; the teat allows to regulate the amount of food dispensed by taking into account its density;
  • Materials: BPA-free silicone and high quality polyamide;
  • Age: 0 months+;
  • Includes: a baby bottle with a capacity of 270ml and a teat.
How to use

Before using Suavinex Premium Bottle 3 Position Silicone Nipple +0m 270ml x1, disinfect it. Then, simply mount the teat on the baby bottle. To adjust the amount of food dispensed, turn the bottle down towards the baby's tongue according to the flow you want to give him.