Ohropax Classic Ear Plugs x12
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Ohropax Classic Ear Plugs are extremely comfortable to wear and are therefore ideally suited for a peaceful night's sleep without disturbances.


Ohropax Classic Ear Plugs are small spheres that protect your ears against noisy, windy and moisty environments. This product consists of a mixture of petroleum jelly and paraffin waxes that acts as a physical barrier in your ears, providing protection against external factors. This mixture is enfolded with cotton wool to keep its properties. This product can be used for many purposes, such as meditation and relaxation exercises, reading moments, DIY activities, concerts with loud music and to ensure a peaceful night's sleep. Before using Ohropax for situations involving loud noise, don't forget to check if the product is appropriate for the situation in question by taking the sound insulation values into account.

  • Skin-colored product;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Can be molded to fit every ear without applying pressure;
  • Made of skin-friendly materials;
  • No need to wash the product before using it.
  • Petroleum jelly;
  • Parafin waxes;
  • Cotton wool.
How to use

Before using Ohropax Classic Ear Plugs, make sure your hands are cleaned. Carefully remove the cotton wool with your fingers and, if necessary, adjust the size of the earplug by tearing off some parts of the wax material.  Make sure the earplug has a round shape and push the earplug into the opening of your ear canal. There's no need to apply any pressure during this process and by following these instructions you can avoid damaging your ears. After using the earplugs you must remove them carefully - just lightly press your auricle with your fingers from behind. Use each earplug only once to ensure maximum safety.