Medela SoftCup Silicone Spoon Bottle x1
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Medela SoftCup Silicone Spoon Bottle x1

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Medela SoftCup Silicone Spoon Bottle x1 is perfect for providing comfortable, effective, and safe feeding for your baby. Its spoon-shaped mouthpiece is suitable for premature babies or babies with suction difficulties.


Medela SoftCup Silicone Spoon Bottle x1 is a practical and safe way to feed newborns who are premature or with general suction difficulties. In this sense, this product consists of a baby bottle with a spoon-shaped mouth, perfect for short-term feeding. Its 80ml container with curved bottom also allows for precise control of what the baby ingests. At the same time, this format allows for the minimization of milk loss as the graduations engraved on the container help to monitor the entire amount of food inside. Furthermore, the spoon is smooth and soft allowing for pleasant feeding to the baby.

Regarding the composition of this product, it has soft silicone and is also BPA-free. In turn, it has a membrane in the valve between the container and the mouthpiece to help regulate the amount of food the baby consumes at one time. To do this, just squeeze the mouthpiece chambers and dispense the exact amount of food you want to give your baby. In this way, babies with suction difficulties can easily be fed in total comfort.

  • Ideal for: baby feeding;
  • Special features: soft and smooth spoon-shaped mouthpiece that allows for more comfortable, practical and safer feeding for the baby;
  • Materials: BPA-free silicone;
  • Age: premature babies or babies of any age with sucking difficulties.
  • Includes: spoon-shaped mouthpiece and 80ml container with graduations.
How to use

Before handling the Medela SoftCup Silicone Spoon Bottle x1, wash your hands very well. First, follow the instructions provided to assemble the product. Then, to fill it, just put the necessary amount of liquid inside the bottle, always using the engraved graduations as a measure. To dispense food into the spoon, hold the bottle upright and squeeze under the pillows to release some air from the reservoir. Continue to squeeze while turning the spoon upside down. Some liquid will enter the reservoir and then just keep squeezing until it is full.

To feed the baby, just hold the spoon horizontally at a slight upward angle. Touch baby's lips with the tip of the reservoir to encourage him to open his mouth. Then place the reservoir on the baby's lower lip (with the feeding tip facing up). In the end, gently tap the spoon with your fingertip so that the liquid that accumulates in the reservoir can be fed to the baby. Usually, the baby will automatically lick the liquid.