Flormar Gel Eyeliner
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Flormar Gel Eyeliner

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Flormar Gel Eyeliner is a practical product that allows you to effortlessly create precise lines thanks to its special professional brush.


Flormar Gel Eyeliner will help you make a killer eyeliner effortlessly. In fact, rocking an eyeliner has never been easier. The Flormar Gel Eyeliner comes with an inbuilt professional brush specially designed to easily design lines with precision. From thinner to thicker lines, this eyeliner will give the creative freedom you need to take your eye makeup to another level. In addition to this, we are talking about a product with a rich formula. Infused with Coconut Oil, this composition moisturizes your skin and has a soothing effect on your eyelashes. With a powerful pigment and a luxurious matte finish, the Flormar Gel Eyeliner will provide an intense look that adds depth to your makeup with every application. Moreover, this gel-like eyeliner comes in four different colors that will allow you to create from classic looks to bold statement styles. With a practical packaging, a smooth texture and a strong color, this easy-to-use Eyeliner promises to become your new go-to for any makeup look.

  • Texture: cream-gel;
  • Good for: creating precise lines with ease, defining the eyes, adding depth, multiple makeup styles;
  • Presentation: glass jar with an elongated special inbuilt brush.
Main Ingredients
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  • Coconut is rich in fatty acid, proteins and also complex B vitamins. This ingredient is, therefore, helpful in achieving softer skin.
How to use

Apply Flormar Gel Eyeliner by drawing a line close to the eyelashes, from the inner corner of your eye towards the outer corner. Experiment with different levels of thickness and diverse designs in order to create multiple styles.