EyeCare Pencil Liner
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EyeCare Pencil Liner

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EyeCare Pencil Liner helps define and enhance the eyes with intense, pigmented colors. It is suitable for allergy-prone, sensitive eyes, and those who wear contact lenses.


EyeCare Pencil Liner is especially designed for individuals with allergy-prone, sensitive eyes, and those who wear contact lenses. This eyeliner emphasizes and enhances the eyes with intense, pigmented colors, making it a versatile choice for various looks and occasions. So, its high-tolerance formula ensures that it adds intensity while prioritizing the comfort of the most sensitive eyes. It is enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, for a comfortable application. So, the soft texture allows for a smooth, effortless glide over the eyelid, making it simple to achieve a clean line. Moreover, durability is a key feature, as the color stays put all day without running or smudging. This long-lasting quality ensures that the eye makeup remains consistent and flawless throughout the day.

In addition to its performance and ease of use, this eyeliner pencil comes in a varied shade range. This offers options to suit different preferences and occasions. So, whether you're looking for a classic black or more fun colors, there's likely a shade for you. All in all, the combination of a gentle formula, comfortable application, and long-lasting wear makes this eyeliner a great choice for enhancing the eyes. Its formulation strikes a balance between gentle care for the most sensitive eyes and the demand for a high-quality, long-lasting makeup experience.

  • Texture: pencil;
  • Good for: defining the eyes, people with sensitive or allergy-prone eyes and contact lens users;
  • Waterproof: no;
  • Longevity: long-lasting;
  • Presentation: sharpenable pencil;
  • Formulated without: parabens, fragrance, carmine, chromium.
How to use

Before using EyeCare Pencil Liner, make sure it is sharpened for best results. Drag the pencil across the eyelid in a sweeping arch that follows the root of the eyelashes. If your eyes are sensitive or you're wearing contact lenses, avoid lining the waterline and using the product in the interior of the eyes.