Dermacol 5 Day Stay Nail Polish
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Dermacol 5 Day Stay Nail Polish ensures that your natural nails stay healthy while coloring them with intense color and a sublime, radiant shine. In turn, its long duration gives you incredible nails for more than five days in a row.


Dermacol 5 Day Stay Nail Polish has a high concentration of color pigments that provide perfect, long-lasting coverage to your nails. That said, this nail polish has a breakthrough texture that effortlessly adheres to your nail. Thus, its durability and intense shine end up lasting much longer in a perfect way, namely for more than five days.

Still about its finish, this product has an intense shine that increases with the layers of nail polish that you apply on the nails. On the other hand, the presence of UV filters and resins protect the color so that it does not fade over time. Moreover, these two properties ensure that the nail polish does not lose its shine or start to peel off on the nails. Finally, this formula lets the nails breathe so they don't start to get yellow spots or become weakened over time. In short, this nail polish not only guarantees the good health and appearance of your natural nails but also provides them with a radiant color for a long time.

  • Opacity: opaque;
  • Longevity: 5 days;
  • Benefits: it has UV filters and resins that prolong the good duration of both the color and the shine on the nails, it lets the nails breathe, preventing them from becoming weak or yellowing.
How to use

Apply the thin layer of Dermacol 5 Day Stay Nail Polish onto the treated nail and let it dry for a while. Apply another layer for a more intense color effect and a longer durability.