Dermacol 16h 2-in-1 Longlasting Lip Colour
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Dermacol 16h 2-in-1 Longlasting Lip Colour

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Dermacol 16h 2-in-1 Longlasting Lip Colour consists of two steps that are guaranteed to leave your lips irresistibly shiny and full covered in intense colors for up to 16 hours.


Dermacol 16h 2-in-1 Longlasting Lip Colour has two steps in one product so that you can have incredible lips full of intense color. Specifically, this lipstick consists of two steps, the first being for color and the second for a gloss finish and extra care. Starting with the first one, this one has a high concentration of soft colored pigments for your lips. In turn, this formula dries quickly without drying the skin of the lips while its color lasts for more than 16 hours. That way, you don't have to worry about anything else but rocking your special day or event.

Furthermore, the second step contains natural, high-quality oils, beeswax and vitamin E for extra hydration and softness. In this way, your lips are sublime all day long. At the same time, it has a glossy finish that will make the previously applied color much more radiant and shiny. So your lips easily become the center of attention without you having to do too much work. However, if you prefer something much more discreet and simple, you can perfectly apply just the first step of this lipstick on your lips. The highly pigmented color will still stand out in your makeup look. In short, this two-step duo leaves your lips irresistibly shiny and full covered in intense colors for 16 hours.

  • Color payoff: intense;
  • Finish: glossy;
  • Texture: creamy;
  • Longevity: 16 hours;
  • Presentation: tube with two steps at each end.
Main Ingredients
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  • Beeswax has moisturizing, emollient and soothing properties. Moreover, it is rich in fatty acids, which are compatible with the lipids naturally found in the skin;
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that shields the epidermis from harmful free radicals.
How to use

First apply step 1 of the Dermacol 16h 2-in-1 Longlasting Lip Colour, and for that, just apply a thin layer of the color phase onto your lips and let dry for one minute. Apply the second step over a well dry base. Reapply for softer, glossier lips any time during the day.