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COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid 100ml

COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid purifies oily skin types by decongesting clogged pores, nourishing and moisturizing from within. Its carefully selected ingredients restore health as well as radiance on a weekly basis.

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COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid has a simple yet deeply effective formula designed to detoxify oily or acne-prone skin types. In fact, thanks to a liquid texture, it enters your skin ready to regenerate the natural moisture barrier, unclogging as well as refining pores. With each application, a gentle chemical exfoliation takes place, ridding your complexion of acne, blemishes, or other types of daily impurities. To the same extent, this nutritive cleansing option helps regulate excess sebum production, balancing as well as soothing for a long period of time. In the end, you'll notice an extra luminous finish, as dead skin cells and blackheads are cast aside. Made of Beta Hydroxy Acid and reinforced with Willow Bark Water, it prevents irritation/redness, being a powerful ally for the most sensitive skin types. Fortified, moisturized, and shield from harmful external factors, the epidermis regains its health in a heartbeat.


  • Texture: liquid;
  • Skin issues: acne-prone skin, blemishes, cleansing, dehydration, dull skin, enlarged or congested pores, blackheads, excess sebum, environmental aggressions, uneven skin texture/tone, sensitivity;
  • Time of application: two/three times a week;
  • Age: 18+;
  • Skin type: oily to combination skin types;
  • Main benefits: minimizes and cleanses pores, casts away impurities and blackheads, provides a radiant as well as soothing finish, exfoliates dead skin cells, speeds up cell turnover, helps you achieve an acne-free complexion, does not cause irritation or redness, has a highly nutritive/moisturizing formula, enhances the skin's protective barrier, revitalizes dull complexions instantly;
  • Formulated without: oils, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, fragrance.

Main Ingredients

  • Willow Bark Water helps to reduce inflammation - as well as other types of congestion - and soothe the skin;
  • Niacinamide - also known as vitamin B3 - minimizes the impact of external threats, improving one's skin tone. Water-soluble, this ingredient soothes your complexion, targeting enlarged pores as well as fine lines, wrinkles, or dullness;
  • Lastly, Panthenol acts as a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory qualities. It tends to enhance the skin's hydration and elasticity, smoothing its appearance. Ultimately, this component retains moisture and water in the skin, allowing it to hydrate from the inside out;

How to use

Apply is small portion of COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid into a cotton pad or reusable towel. Then, delicately sweep it all over your face, staying away from the sensitive eye and mouth sections. Repeat the same process two to three times a week for optimal results.

Additional Info

Product Indications

Oily & Combination Skin


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