Collistar Body Energizing Talasso-Scrub 700g
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Collistar Body Energizing Talasso-Scrub 700g

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Collistar Body Energizing Talasso-Scrub is a bestselling body scrub that combines exfoliating sea salts with a rich blend of essential oils.


Collistar Body Energizing Talasso-Scrub is a bestselling body scrub that combines the benefits of the sea (thalassotherapy) with those of essential oils (aromatherapy). This unique scrub, which contains 90 different types of sea salt, exfoliates and revitalizes the skin at the same time, while a rich cocktail of plant oils contributes with intense nourishing benefits. Much more than a simple exfoliating product, this deliciously perfumed scrub is a powerful restorative treatment for the senses. Immediately after use, the skin emerges soft and silky, with no need for an extra body lotion or moisturizer.

  • Texture: scrub;
  • Skin issues: coarse and rough skin;
  • Time of application: once or twice a week;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: exfoliates the skin and sloughs away dead skin cells, refines the skin texture, smooths coarse and rough patches, creates a pleasure experience thanks to a rich blend of essential oils, leaves the skin soft and silky.
Main Ingredients
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  • An exclusive mix of 90 types of sea salt exfoliates the skin, lending it a pure and smooth finish;
  • Essential oils, such as those extracted from soybean, macadamia nut, candlenut, avocado, almond, bitter orange, peppermint, and rosemary, nourish the skin while creating an overall moment of pleasure.
How to use

Before using Collistar Body Energizing Talasso-Scrub, stir the product. Then, massage onto the body with gentle circular motions, paying particular attention to coarse and rough areas. Use on damp skin for a light exfoliation, or on dry skin for a more intensive action. In the summer, use this product before sun exposure and/or self-tanning products in order to achieve a uniform, long-lasting tan.