Chicco Take Eat Easy Silicone Heart Plate 9m+
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Chicco Take Eat Easy Silicone Heart Plate 9m+

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Chicco Take Eat Easy Silicone Heart Plate 9m+ features a playful heart shape and a suction base, making meals more convenient and fun.


Chicco Take Eat Easy Silicone Heart Plate 9m+ helps encourage independent feeding in your child. Made from 100% high-quality silicone, this plate is durable and long-lasting. It features a suction cup base that attaches firmly to the table surface, effectively preventing any slips or spills. So, this secure attachment ensures that the plate stays in place, making mealtime more manageable and less messy for parents and children alike. Its heart-shaped design adds a touch of fun to your table setting. Additionally, this encourages your child to engage with their food, fostering autonomy at the table. What makes this plate even more convenient is its suitability for microwave use. It's a practical feature that makes meal preparation quicker and easier for busy parents. In addition, the plate is highly resistant to odors and is dishwasher-safe. These features make it a breeze to maintain, freeing up more of your valuable time. In summary, this plate offers the perfect blend of functional and aesthetic features. With its secure suction cup base, playful design, and ease of maintenance, it is a standout choice for parents seeking to transition their child to independent eating.

  • Ideal for: using during the baby's meals;
  • Special features: the suction base ensures the plate stays attached to the table, has a fun heart shape, is soft and durable;
  • Materials: silicone, 0% BPA, microwave and dishwasher-safe;
  • Age: 9 months+;
  • Includes: one plate.
How to use

Use Chicco Take Eat Easy Silicone Heart Plate 9m+ to hold your baby's food during the meals. You can warm up the food in the microwave, if desired. To wash the plate, you can put it in the dishwasher.