Chicco Perfect 5 Fast Flow Bottle 4m+
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Chicco Perfect 5 Fast Flow Bottle 4m+

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Chicco Perfect 5 Fast Flow Bottle 4m+ perfectly adapts to the baby's natural feeding rhythm, delivering an anti-colic effect.


Chicco Perfect 5 Fast Flow Bottle 4m+ is suitable for babies from 4 months onward. It is designed with multiple features that help to make feeding time a breeze for both parents and babies. It is biofunctional, which means it supports intuitive feeding and effortlessly adapts to your baby's physiological sucking rhythm. This is possible due to the intui-flow™ system that integrates two critical components: the exclusive Physio teat and the innovative Equilibrium Membrane. What sets the Equilibrium Membrane apart is that it provides a personalized response to different sucking intensities. It accomplishes this through micro-movements that continually adjust the amount of air entering the bottle, according to your baby's sucking intensity. This air does not mix with the milk, preventing your baby from ingesting air.

The Physio teat perfectly adapts to your baby's mouth, thereby minimizing the chance of air ingestion. It is made of soft, flexible silicone that has a velvety finish, giving your baby a natural sensation during feeding. The combination of these two features provides an anti-colic effect that is beneficial to both parents and babies. Ease of cleaning is another aspect where this bottle excels. The base is easily removable, making it simple to clean all parts thoroughly. This ensures that you can maintain the highest levels of hygiene with minimal effort. Overall, this bottle provides an intelligent feeding solution that works in harmony with your baby's natural habits.

  • Ideal for: bottle-feeding the baby;
  • Special features: the equilibrium membrane adapts to the baby's natural sucking rhythm and doesn't allow air to mix with milk, the Physio teat adapts perfectly to the baby's mouth and avoids air ingestion, the teat's silicone is soft and velvety, the base is removable for effortless cleaning, provides a fast flow;
  • Materials: plastic, 0% BPA, hot and cold sterilizable;
  • Age: 4 months+;
  • Includes: one bottle.
How to use

Before using Chicco Perfect 5 Fast Flow Bottle 4m+, clean it. Then, use it to feed the baby.