Chicco Mix & Match Pop-Up Cup 2+ Years
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Chicco Mix & Match Pop-Up Cup 2+ Years

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Chicco Mix & Match Pop-Up Cup 2+ Years helps your toddler drink independently and is also a great choice for outdoor activities.


Chicco Mix & Match Pop-Up Cup 2+ Years is a great choice for children over the age of two, and also a perfect on-the-go solution. Specially designed with a soft silicone spout, this cup offers an efficient way for your child to stay hydrated. The spout comes with a protective cover, offering an easy way to keep it clean. Even better, the cover flips open easily, revealing the spout without requiring the child to touch it. This helps to maintain cleanliness and reduce the risk of contamination. With its spill-proof lid, this cup takes convenience to a new level. So, once the lid is closed, it prevents any accidental spills in your bag or car, making it an ideal choice for parents and kids on the move. Moreover, the built-in handle further enhances its portability, allowing for easy carrying by little hands or hooking onto a bag or stroller for those family outings. Another great feature is its easy-to-disassemble design. When it comes to cleaning, the last thing you want to do is struggle with intricate parts. Therefore, this cup disassembles effortlessly, making it simple to wash each component thoroughly. Whether you choose to wash it by hand or throw it in the dishwasher, you'll find that keeping it clean is a breeze. In summary, this cup keeps both convenience and hygiene in mind. Its soft silicone spout, protective cover, spill-proof lid, and easy-carry handle come together to offer a drinking solution that's as practical for parents as it is enjoyable for kids.

  • Ideal for: children's drinking cup, outdoor use;
  • Special features: has a soft silicone spout with a protective cover, the cover flips open revealing the spout, has a spill-proof lid and a big handle;
  • Materials: 0% BPA, dishwasher-safe;
  • Age: 2+;
  • Includes: 1x 350ml cup.
How to use

Flip the protective cover of Chicco Mix & Match Pop-Up Cup 2+ Years to reveal the drinking spout.