Chicco Anti-Mosquito Ultrasound Device
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Chicco Anti-Mosquito Ultrasound Device

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Chicco Anti-Mosquito Ultrasound Device is a plug-in device that uses ultrasound technology to repel mosquitos.


Chicco Anti-Mosquito Ultrasound Device uses ultrasound technology to create a protected environment for your little one. Thanks to the ultrasonic wave technology, this device repels mosquitos, providing a safeguard against these insects that may carry harmful infections. Just plug it into a wall socket and you're ready to go! Always with safety in mind, the ultrasonic waves emitted specifically deter mosquitos while causing no harm to humans.

You'll also appreciate the absence of fumes and odors that can sometimes cause discomfort or irritation. Consequently, unlike conventional mosquito repellents which often involve chemicals, this device doesn't require airing out the room after its use. Another one of the standout features is its silent operation. The absence of sounds ensures that your baby's sleep is undisturbed. All in all, this device is a convenient and safe way to keep the entire family away from pesky mosquitos.

  • Good for: repelling mosquitos from the environment;
  • Main benefits: works with ultrasonic waves to repel mosquitos, the ultrasounds only act on the mosquitos, not causing harm to humans, is silent so it doesn't disturb the baby's sleep, has a low energy consumption;
  • Power source: needs to be plugged into an outlet to work;
  • Plug type: plug into outlet via an europlug 240V;
  • This pack contains*: one plug-in ultrasound device.

*Subject to change according to brand.

How to use

Plug Chicco Anti-Mosquito Ultrasound Device into a wall socket accessible only by an adult. The green LED light on the front should turn on, indicating correct power-up. Keep the device inserted throughout the day so that the room remains free from mosquitos. It is not recommended to use power outlets covered by furniture or curtains, to avoid overheating or create obstacles to the spread of ultrasound. Note that, due to the technical characteristics, the performance of this device may be reduced or ineffective with certain types of mosquitoes or at different latitudes.