Catrice Lift Up Brow Styling Brush
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Catrice Lift Up Brow Styling Brush

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Catrice Lift Up Brow Styling Brush, with its angled brush head, offers precise and versatile styling for brows, suitable for a variety of products and looks.


Catrice Lift Up Brow Styling Brush is an essential tool for creating precise and expressive eyebrow styles. This specialized eyebrow brush is ideal for anyone looking to enhance and define their brows with ease and precision. Its key feature, the angled brush head, is specifically tailored for eyebrow styling. This design allows for meticulous control over the shape and direction of the brow hairs, making it easy to comb them upwards and achieve the desired look.

Another significant aspect of this brush is its versatility in terms of product compatibility. It is suitable for use with a range of eyebrow products, including eyebrow wax, gel, or even soap. This versatility makes the brush a valuable addition to any makeup kit, as it adapts to apply and shape brows using your preferred product type. It caters to a variety of styling needs, whether you prefer a natural appearance or a more sculpted, defined brow.

In short, the precision styling that this brush offers is crucial for achieving flawless brow looks. The brush's design ensures that each stroke is effective, helping to define the brow's shape and create an overall polished look. In summary, this brush is a must-have tool for anyone looking to elevate their eyebrow game. Its angled brush head is perfect for precise, easy brow styling, and its compatibility with various eyebrow products like waxes, gels, and soaps adds to its versatility. This brush is an invaluable asset for creating a range of brow looks, from the most natural to the most dramatic, ensuring that your brows are always on point.

  • Good for: eyebrow styling, application of eyebrow wax, gel, or soap;
  • Presentation: one eyebrow brush with angled head.
How to use

Use Catrice Lift Up Brow Styling Brush to apply eyebrow wax, gel or soap on the brows. Start from the highest point of the eyebrows outwards, combing them into shape. The inner half of the eyebrows can be brushed upwards.