Booby Tape The Original Breast Tape
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Booby Tape The Original Breast Tape

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Booby Tape The Original Breast Tape is a breast-lifting tape for all breast sizes that helps to achieve a supported bust and cleavage, without the need for a bra.


Booby Tape The Original Breast Tape is your ultimate solution for achieving a lifted, well-supported bust without the need for a bra. Suitable for elevating any size of breasts, this tape is the ideal choice for those outfits where a regular bra just won't do. Say goodbye to the days when you had to forgo wearing your favorite dress because you couldn't find the right bra to wear underneath. Now, with this ingenious breast tape, you can confidently wear those tricky outfits you once deemed impossible.

So, once you apply it and position your breasts as desired, this tape creates both support and cleavage. The adhesive effortlessly lifts any bust, whether petite or full. Furthermore, the strong grip is moisture resistant and ensures longevity, allowing you to be worry-free for 6 hours. Despite its strength, this tape is gentle on the skin and is latex-free. It easily stretches and allows the breasts to move naturally, ensuring comfort. And, the roll format allows for multiple uses and gives you the flexibility to cut the tape according to your unique needs and measurements, minimizing waste. In summary, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply want to wear that tricky outfit, this breast tape has got your back (or rather, your front!). It provides the support, lift, and confidence you need, allowing you to embrace your wardrobe and body with newfound freedom.

  • Good for: lifting and supporting the breasts without the need for a bra;
  • Presentation: one 5-meter roll of breast tape.
How to use

Before applying Booby Tape The Original Breast Tape to the skin, make sure it is clean and free from moisturizers or any other products. It is recommended to apply nipple covers before applying Booby Tape as an extra precaution to protect the nipples. Then, cut a portion of tape from the roll and round the corners, so that the tape doesn't catch onto clothing. Place your breast in the desired position, and apply the tape to hold your breast in place. Repeat the process with as many strips of tape as necessary to achieve the desired effect. For best results, apply a very small amount of stretch to the tape. Avoid applying tension to the ends of each strip to prolong the durability and decrease the risk of irritation.

It is recommended to wear the tape for a maximum of 6 hours, as prolonged use can cause irritation and discomfort when removing the tape. To remove the tape, peel it back slowly with one hand, while holding back the skin behind the tape with the other hand.


Before the first use, it is recommended to do a test patch: apply a small piece of tape to the breast area, without stretching it, and leave it for 24 hours to ensure there is no reaction. Do not apply the tape to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin.