Booby Tape Nipple Covers x10
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Booby Tape Nipple Covers x10


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Booby Tape Nipple Covers x10 help to protect sensitive nipples when using breast tape such as Booby Tape, decreasing the risk of discomfort during removal.


Booby Tape Nipple Covers x10 are an essential item for protecting sensitive nipples when using breast tape such as Booby Tape. By applying these covers before the breast tape, you create a protective layer between the nipples and the adhesive of the breast tape. So, this helps to prevent any potential discomfort when taking off the tape from these sensitive regions. Each nipple cover is 5cm in diameter. Regarding the materials, these nipple covers are 84% polyester and 16% polyurethane, and the adhesive is 100% water-based acrylic. Additionally, each pack comes with 5 pairs of nipple covers, ensuring you have a supply that will last you multiple uses.

In essence, whether it's a glamorous evening event or just another day at the office, these nipple covers have got you covered (pun intended). All in all, these accessories pair up perfectly with your breast tape to offer you optimal comfort. Pair these with your breast tape and enjoy your chosen attire without a second thought. Step out with confidence, no matter the outfit!

  • Good for: covering the nipples, protecting the nipples while using breast tape;
  • Presentation: 10 nipple covers.
How to use

Before applying Booby Tape Nipple Covers x10, make sure the skin is clean and free from moisturizers or any other products. Apply a nipple cover on top of one nipple and press slightly to ensure proper adhesion. Repeat the process for the other nipple. Follow up with the breast tape.