Philips Avent Bottle & Nipple Brush x1
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Philips Avent Bottle & Nipple Brush x1


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Philips Avent Bottle & Nipple Brush x1 was meticulously designed for a thorough cleaning experience, keeping baby bottles, teats, and feeding equipment properly clean.


Philips Avent Bottle & Nipple Brush x1 is the ultimate cleaning solution that provides you with optimal hygiene for your baby's feeding products. With its thoughtfully engineered features, you can now ensure every bottle, teat, and other feeding equipment is free from residue and ready for your little one's next meal. To begin with, this brush has a special design that allows it to effortlessly reach the corners of all bottles, teats, and other feeding products, leaving them spotless. On one hand, the curved brush head ensures you reach every tricky corner. Whether you’re using standard or wide-neck bottles, this brush tackles them all with ease. On the other hand, the contoured tip lets you thoroughly clean the inside of the teats with ease.

Plus, durability and safety go hand-in-hand with this bottle and nipple brush. The high-density bristles are not just long-lasting but are also resilient. These bristles are tough on food residues and milk build-up but soft enough to ensure there is no scratching or damaging of bottles and teats. The bristles' resilience enables them to withstand multiple uses while maintaining their effectiveness for thorough cleaning.

To make your life easier, this bottle and nipple brush is dishwasher-safe for a quick and effective clean. As a last note, this brush is designed to hang for convenient storage and drying. In this way, it can dry naturally and be readily available for your next use. All in all, this brush offers exceptional ease and efficiency, being indispensable in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness for your baby's feeding products.

  • Good for: cleaning all types of bottles, teats, and feeding equipment;
  • Presentation: one BPA-free brush with a curved head and molded handle-tip.
How to use

Use Philips Avent Bottle & Nipple Brush x1 to clean your baby's bottles, teats, and feeding equipment. Use the contoured tip to clean the teats. Hang to dry and store.