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Dr. Hauschka MED Sage Mouthwash 300ml

Dr. Hauschka MED Sage Mouthwash is a 100% natural mouthwash that enhances oral hygiene while toning and strengthening the gums.

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Dr. Hauschka MED Sage Mouthwash is a 100% natural mouthwash that complements your dental care routine. Simply brushing or flossing isn't enough to fully cleanse the mouth, which is why mouthwashes are an effective way to enhance your oral hygiene, as they reach hard-to-reach areas and help prevent the development of bacteria. This mouthwash, in particular, stabilizes the oral flora and restores freshness and cleanliness to the breath. Moreover, it strengthens and tones the gums, contributing to the prevention of gum disease. Especially designed for daily use, this mouthwash is, nevertheless, not suitable for children.


Dr. Hauschka MED Sage Mouthwash has the following characteristics:

  • Natural formula strengthens, firms and tones the gums;
  • Stabilizes the oral flora in order to prevent the development of harmful bacteria;
  • Keeps the breath fresh thanks to a combination of cleansing essential oils;
  • Dermatologically tested, 100% natural;
  • Formulated without fluoride, mineral oils, silicone, surfactants, synthetic fragrances, dyes, or preservatives;
  • Not suitable for children.

How to use

Shake Dr. Hauschka MED Sage Mouthwash well before use. Pour a capful of product and gargle thoroughly for around 30 seconds.

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