Seoulista Beauty Magic Cleanse Reusable Cleansing Tools x3
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Seoulista Beauty Magic Cleanse Reusable Cleansing Tools x3 is a double-sided cleansing tool that effortlessly removes dirt, oil, and makeup with just water, leaving the skin with a natural glow!


Seoulista Beauty Magic Cleanse Reusable Cleansing Tools x3 is a double-sided, reusable cleansing tool that is here to revolutionize your cleansing routine. With just water, it effortlessly removes dirt, oil, and makeup, delivering a cleansing experience like no other. What sets this tool apart is its dual-sided design, providing you with twice the cleansing action in one compact tool. In fact, one side delivers a gentle exfoliation, while the other removes the impurities and makeup to leave the skin clean and radiant. In more detail, the textured side features gentle micro-hooks that exfoliate and loosen oil, makeup, and impurities from the surface of the skin. So, it helps to lift off all the residue and also delivers softer and more glowing skin. Then, the fluffy side boasts superfine and antibacterial fibers that grip and remove the oil, makeup, and impurities as it sweeps across the skin.

By only needing to add water, this cleansing tool is perfect to carry with you while traveling, and also money-saving. Last but not least, it promotes sustainability by reducing the need for disposable wipes or cotton pads. So, elevate your cleansing routine and experience the magic of effortless cleansing with the Magic Cleanse! With this versatile tool, achieving a radiant, peachy glow has never been easier.

  • Good for: cleansing the skin, removing makeup;
  • Presentation: three double-sided facial cleansing tools.
How to use

First, soak the Seoulista Beauty Magic Cleanse Reusable Cleansing Tools x3 with warm water and squeeze it to remove the excess water. Then, start with the textured side and wipe it across the skin in circular motions to deliver an exfoliating effect, avoiding the eye area. Lastly, flip to the fluffy side and sweep it across the skin, including the eye area, to remove excess makeup and impurities. Rinse and hang out to dry between uses. You can also use a supporting cleanser to remove long-lasting or water-resistant eye makeup.