Gillette Body Razor
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Gillette Body Razor


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Gillette Body Razor offers great control when shaving the body thanks to its rounded head and anti-slip handle.


Gillette Body Razor is a grooming tool designed specifically for use on the body. It features a rounded head that allows full-body control, which is perfect for reaching hard-to-reach areas and trimming hair in sensitive areas.

Moreover, the razor has a comfortable and anti-slip handle that is easy to grip and control, even in the shower, preventing cuts and razor burns. Its three-blade design provides a smooth and close shave, while its lubricating strip reduces irritation and ensures a comfortable shaving experience even in uneven areas. At the same time, the powerglide blades have a floating technology that cuts the thickest hair easily.

  • Contains: one razor;
  • Razors per blade head: three;
  • Blade head features: rounded head with three powerglide blades and lubricating strips;
  • Handle features: anti-slip handle;
  • Refillable.
How to use

To use Gillette Body Razor, wet the area to be shaved. Then, apply shaving cream or gel, and shave in the direction of hair growth. Finally, rinse the razor frequently under running water to prevent clogging and ensure a clean and smooth shave.