Chicco Take Eat Easy Menu Silicone Plate 12m+
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Chicco Take Eat Easy Menu Silicone Plate 12m+

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Chicco Take Eat Easy Menu Silicone Plate 12m+ boasts a suction cup base and a three-portion design, ensuring convenience during your child's meals!


Chicco Take Eat Easy Menu Silicone Plate 12m+ helps encourage your child to feed independently, making mealtime an empowering experience. Made from 100% high-quality, soft, and flexible silicone, this plate is gentle to the touch yet durable. So, the material ensures that the plate can withstand the enthusiastic use that comes with toddler mealtimes. The plate comes equipped with a suction cup base that effectively prevents slipping and overturning. With this feature, the plate stays exactly where you want it to be—on the table and not on the floor. This means fewer messes to clean up and a more enjoyable dining experience for everyone involved. But practicality doesn't end with this. The plate is designed with three distinct areas to keep different foods separate. This is particularly useful for introducing new foods or when dealing with picky eaters who prefer their foods not to mix. Moreover, the plate can be used in the microwave. This makes heating up meals or leftovers simple and convenient. Cleaning is also a breeze with this plate. Its high-quality silicone material is resistant and dishwasher safe. This makes cleanup quick and efficient, freeing you from the hassle of manual washing. In summary, this silicone plate offers a comprehensive solution for parents looking to help their children gain autonomy at the table. Thanks to its practical design and easy maintenance, it is the perfect choice for making mealtimes less about mess and stress, and more about independence and enjoyment.

  • Ideal for: using during the baby's meals;
  • Special features: the suction base ensures the plate stays attached to the table, has three divisions for separating different foods, is soft and durable;
  • Materials: silicone, 0% BPA, microwave and dishwasher-safe;
  • Age: 12 months+;
  • Includes: one plate.
How to use

Use Chicco Take Eat Easy Menu Silicone Plate 12m+ to hold your baby's food during the meals. For cleaning, you can place it in the dishwasher, if desired.