A-Cerumen Ear Wax Remover Single Dose Drops 10x2ml
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A-Cerumen Ear Wax Remover Single Dose Drops 10x2ml


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A-Cerumen Ear Wax Remover Single Dose Drops is the cleansing daily gesture that dissolves and prevents earwax plugs from forming and helps to clean the auditory canal.


A-Cerumen Ear Wax Remover Single Dose Drops is a solution that helps to dissolve earwax plugs, which consist of dried and compacted cerumen in the auditory canal. These earwax plugs reduce hearing and can contribute to other diseases like tinnitus, dizziness and external otitis. This solution helps to dissolve the existing wax and prevents further plugs by regulating the cerumen production. Suitable for all ages from 6 months old, this ear cleanser is based on plant-derived surfactants.


A-Cerumen Ear Wax Remover Single Dose Drops has the following characteristics:

  • Reduces the production of cerumen, softens the existing cerumen, facilitates earwax removal, prevents the appearance of earwax;
  • More effective than saline solutions or distilled water;
  • Non-greasy;
  • With botanical surfactants;
  • Doesn't require rinsing;
  • Suitable for everyone from 6 months old.
How to use

Tilt the head to the opposing side that is being treated, exposing the ear canal. Open one of the single doses of A-Cerumen Ear Wax Remover Single Dose Drops and squeeze half the contents into the ear canal, massaging the base of the ear. Return to an upright position and wipe away any excess product that may have leaked. Once opened, a single dose must be used within 24h.