essence Eyebrow Brush
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essence Eyebrow Brush


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essence Eyebrow Brush is a precise make-up tool that will help you to effortlessly shape and style your brows.


essence Eyebrow Brush is an angled brush that was designed to perfectly shape and style your brows. Indeed, this is a dense brush that offers precise and flexible synthetic hairs. Therefore, it’s very easy to work with and will become a must-have for your brow make-up routine. In fact, it’s incredibly versatile, so that you can effortlessly apply both gel and powder brow products. Not only that but you can also use this brush to blend colored products, thus helping you to achieve amazing results. In short, with essence Eyebrow Brush brow styling becomes an uncomplicated task!

  • Good for: shaping your brows, applying and blending brow product;
  • Presentation: long white handle with synthetic bristles;
How to use

Use essence Eyebrow Brush to apply gel or powder products on the eyebrows.