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User Safety

Care to Beauty only sells approved brands, 100% genuine, and certified in Portugal by Infarmed and the SAGD.

We are committed to choose and verify the registration of our suppliers in the above mentioned entities, and make sure you have the distribution authorization of the products we sell.

Today the supply of smuggled goods is increasing that can, in many cases, jeopardize the health and wellbeing of those who use them. To buy products with prices significantly lower than those offered in the market, with no guarantee of origin, can cause considerable complications. These products do not undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control, and may contain harmful substances of all, causing serious problems and in some irreversible cases, such as severe allergies, irritations, and even defiente dark spots on the skin.

Furthermore, in order to provide products to the market at very low prices, manufacturers are tempted to use products of poor quality, or even toxic, such as methanol.

At Care to Beauty the health and safety of our customers is always first.