Neve Cosmetics Occhioni Natural Mascara 12ml
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Neve Cosmetics Occhioni Natural Mascara 12ml


Neve Cosmetics Occhioni Natural Mascara 12ml has a vegan and nourishing formula that effortlessly adds definition and volume to the lashes.


Neve Cosmetics Occhioni Natural Mascara 12ml not only accentuates your lashes but also provides caring benefits, at the same time. In fact, with a vegan composition, this formula resorts to multiple nourishing agents to ensure a luxurious pampering action. Ingredients like Carnauba Was or Argan Oil promise to leave your lashes feeling hydrated while extending the performance of the mascara.

At the same time, the Occhioni Natural Mascara delivers a stunning volumizing effect through a flexible application. Its inbuilt five-sphere brush is an innovative applicator that provides an effortless use that you can adjust to the style you wish to create. By using the wand sideways, you will enjoy a quick and effective coat on all your lashes. Alternatively, use only its tip to add definition even to the shortest lashes. Moreover, the Occhioni Natural Mascara has buildable coverage. With just one stroke you will create a beautifully natural and defined result, while with two or three coats offer an intense finish.

  • Color family: black;
  • Good for: enhancing, nourishing, volume;
  • Presentation: green tube with an inbuilt five-sphere wand applicator;
  • Formulated without: animal-derived ingredients, silicones, petrolatum and parabens.
Main Ingredients
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  • Blend of Vegetable Waxes (candelilla, carnauba and sunflower wax) are responsible for offering extra nourishment while ensuring long-lasting performance and an easy-to-apply consistency;
  • Argan and Sweet Cherry Oil provide a pampering action through optimal nourishment levels.
How to use

Coat your lashes evenly with the Neve Cosmetics Occhioni Natural Mascara 12ml using the wand sideways. Alternatively, use only the tip to create definition even on the shortest lashes. Reapply for a gradually more intense finish.