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Sesderma Daeses Instant Lifting Effect Serum Ampoules 10x1.5ml

Sesderma Daeses Instant Lifting Effect Serum Ampoules is a flash treatment that is able to instantly lift the facial skin, for a firmer-looking face that has redefined contours.

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Sesderma Daeses Instant Lifting Effect Serum Ampoules is a flash treatment that immediately boosts the firmness of the skin. With a unique formula, these ampoules can be of both daily or occasional use. Since they provide an immediate lifting effect, you can use them occasionally, before big events, meetings, or any other situation in which you feel the need to look your best. But because they also stimulate elastin and collagen production, enhance the elasticity of the skin, improve muscle tone and help prevent and recover loss of firmness over time, they can also be of daily use in replacement of a serum. With a pleasant light texture that is quickly absorbed, they are perfect for an instant firmer-look and redefined contours.

If you already knew these ampoules you may notice some differences. Now packed in a beautiful red plastic ampoule, instead of glass, they are safer and recyclable. Also, because this powerful formula is only stable for 24h, and 2ml was excessive for one day use, they now contain 1.5ml of the product. But don't worry, instead of 5 ampoules, this new box has 10 of them!


  • Texture: liquid;
  • Skin issues: loss of firmness;
  • Time of application: morning and evening;
  • Age: 40+;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: has a flash effect immediately boosting the firmness of the skin, stimulates elastin and collagen production, enhances the elasticity of the skin, improves muscle tone, prevents and recovers loss of firmness.

Main Ingredients

  • 8% DMAE is a natural ingredient that helps to boost the synthesis of Acetylcholine and therefore firmness since this element is responsible for muscle contraction. Due to this ability to improve muscle tone, it not only leads to an immediate lifting effect but also leads to a recovery of the muscle tonus over time;
  • Hydrolized Wheat Proteins have an immediate lifting effect and help to both hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles;
  • 7% Lactic Acid helps to boost comfort and reinforce the skin barrier;
  • Organic Silicium is needed to create collagen and elastin, enhancing the matrix density that provides support and stabilizes the tissue architecture.

How to use

Shake Sesderma Daeses Instant Lifting Effect Serum Ampoules and introduce the neck of the ampoule inside the plastic cap. Carefully break the neck of the ampoule at the colored ring. Apply half of the ampoule onto cleansed and dry skin in the morning. Gently massage until fully absorbed. Apply the other half at night. If you have combination or oily skin, before applying your make-up you might need to wipe the excess product.

Additional Info

Product Indications

Immediate Lifting Effect


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