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Medela Freestyle Flex™ Electric Breast Pump x1

Medela Freestyle Flex™ Electric Breast Pump x1 allows you to extract your breast milk comfortably, quickly and effectively. In addition, this pack contains a thermal bag and a carrying bag so you can extract the milk and feed your baby wherever you are.

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Medela Freestyle Flex™ Electric Breast Pump x1 is a breast milk pump suitable for women with active and busy lifestyles with their newborn. In this sense, this extractor has a light and compact design ideal to be carried anywhere. At the same time, its chargeable battery via USB provides incredible flexibility and practicality. In this way, whether on a daily basis or during a holiday, you can extract your breast milk very comfortably and effectively.

This double pump allows you to extract milk from both breasts at the same time without wasting time. Furthermore, you can do so wherever you are even when there are no electrical outlets nearby. This is thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery which, when full, lasts up to eight double extraction sessions. In turn, when you need to charge it, you can easily do so once it has a common USB port. As an extra benefit, this extraction pump can be paired with the MyMedela digital app. This way you can easily plan your breast pump sessions, monitor your pump settings and even record how much milk you pumped overtime. Besides, through this application, you can also see when the pump's battery is running low. In addition to all this, it is important to note that this breastfeeding tool has an intuitive interface. Its digital control panel lets you effortlessly adjust any type of setting.

Regarding this set, it is not only composed of a breast milk pump but also has a PersonalFit Flex™ funnel. This, in addition to being more comfortable for the mother, also allows reducing the milk extraction time. This is because it has a design that is perfectly adapted to all breasts that do not compress them, with an increase of up to 18% of extracted milk. Furthermore, the 2-Phase Expression® system provides even greater comfort to the mother as it uses technology that mimics the baby's sucking rhythm. In this sense, there is a faster suction to stimulate the flow of milk and then a slower one to extract it.

Finally, this extraction pump also has an overflow protection. In other words, this protection consists of a closed system that helps to prevent milk from entering the tube or extraction motor. At the same time, pure breast milk, rich in vitamins and nutrients and in its best condition, is guaranteed. Also, to help keep the milk in good condition, this Medela pack also provides a thermal bag and a discreet carrying bag. This way you are fully equipped and ready to extract breast milk and feed your child wherever you are.


  • Good for: extract breast milk;
  • Main benefits: it is practical, compact and can be easily transported as it has a rechargeable battery; can be easily transported in the suitcase provided; it is comfortable for the mother and provides greater efficiency in extraction due to its shape and funnel provided; has Bluetooth connectivity to be able to pair with your smartphone;
  • Intensity levels: several more and less intense levels;
  • Rechargeable: rechargeable battery, USB port;
  • Dimensions: 148x66x46.5 mm, 273g;
  • This pack contains*: one Freestyle Flex™ dual electric extractor, two 21mm Medela PersonalFit Flex™ funnels and two 24mm funnels, two connectors, four 150ml bottles, four caps, two bottle holders, a power adapter with a USB cable, a carrying bag and a thermal bag with a cooling element.
  • *Subject to change according to brand.

How to use

Before using Medela Freestyle Flex™ Electric Breast Pump x1 for the first time you must disaggregate all its parts and disinfect each one (minus the tubes). Once dry, connect the engine to the mains until fully charged. To assemble all parts, follow the instructions provided in detail. Finally, to start expressing breast milk, simply insert the funnel into your breasts in the best and most comfortable way possible and press the start button. For greater comfort, you can increase or decrease the suction intensity. In the end, all you have to do is turn everything off, store your extracted milk and disinfect all the utensils again.

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Product Indications

Double Breast Milk Pump


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