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Biretix Duo Anti-Blemish Gel 30ml

Biretix Duo Anti-Imperfections Gel regulates the overproduction of sebum, associated with the appearance of imperfections such as acne, pimples and blackheads.

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Biretix Duo Anti-Imperfections Gel is a clear gel suitable for oily acne-prone skin, with the RetinSphere technology that encapsulates retinol in order to reduce side effects associated with that ingredient and to allow for a controlled release overnight. This is the key product in the range with optimum balance of cutting edge technologies: a unique combination of vitamin A ingredients help to clear pores and clarify the skin; a sophisticated botanical complex that’s clinically proven to fight the bacteria that cause spots and Salicylic acid; clinically proven to purify skin and help to reduce redness.


Biretix Duo Anti-Imperfections Gel has the following characteristics:

  • RetinSphere technology to treat acne due to the ability to reduce follicular obstruction, normalize the desquamation of the epiderm and maintain normal skin hydration
  • BioPep 15 has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to fight the bacteria that cause acne without inducing resistance
  • Helps reduce comedones (white and blackheads)
  • Sebum-regulating effect and immediate purifying action
  • Suitable for oily acne-prone skin
  • With vitamin E for antioxidant effect 
  • Reduces redness and soothes the skin
  • It contains 0.5% salicylic acid

How to use

Apply a layer of Biretix Duo Anti-Imperfections Gel in affected areas once or twice per day.

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