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Bioderma Matricium Regeneration Treatment 30x1ml

Bioderma Matricium is the first medical care aimed at the regeneration of mature skin, restoring elasticity, density and strength and can be used in the recovery of injured tissues.

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Bioderma Matricium is indicated to accelerate the regeneration of aged or damaged skin, promoting its revival and rejuvenation. This is the first medical device that recreates the ideal environment for cellular proliferation and cellular regeneration. Deriving from 14 years of laboratory investigation, the Matricium patent has 74 published research studies and its efficacy is scientifically corroborated. This product is suitable for fighting aging, especially on extremely sensitive skins, for regenerating the skin after dermatological treatments (laser, dermabrasion, derma-roller, peeling, etc), to fight acne scars, recover the skin after stretch marks appear and to regenerate the skin after interventions. This formula helps to boost collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis and mimics the mitotic indexes of a 20 year old skin.


Bioderma Matricium has the following characteristics:

  • Dermatological care for full regeneration of the skin
  • Suitable for anti-wrinkle treatment or injured tissues (at the surface level)
  • Can be used to recover from stretch marks
  • Creates a favorable environment for skin renewal
  • Skin is much younger, more elastic, firmer and smoother
  • In sterile single doses to ensure its effectiveness and purity
  • With 63 ingredients of natural origin
  • Advised and developed by medical staff
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Suitable for the most sensitive skin
  • No alcohol or perfume

How to use

Each single dose of Bioderma Matricium has a 24h window of use after opening, so it should be divided in two applications daily, in the morning and evening, and should be applied on clean and dry skin.

The application must be made for 1 month.

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