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GIFT SET: beautyblender Kit Pro + Mini blendercleanser Pro Solid

Buy a beautyblender Pro and a beautyblender blendercleanser Pro Solid for a special price!

Price: $25.79


This promotional pack contains the following products:

  • 1 beautyblender Pro - Black
  • 1 beautyblender blendercleanser Pro Solid

beautyblender Pro is an award-winning ergonomic, edgeless, reusable, high-definition makeup sponge, available here in a professional black color. The exclusive aqua-activated material provides a flawless application of makeup that looks and feels like a second skin. With this sponge, which ensures a quick and easy application, anyone can be a makeup artist! Read more about beautyblender Pro here.

beautyblender blendercleanser Pro Solid is a highly effective yet gentle charcoal-enriched "soap" that cleans your makeup sponges and brushes. Available here in an easily portable solid formula, this product breaks up makeup and grime while maintaining the integrity of your beautyblender. Formulated with coconut and sustainable palm oils, the conditioning formula is gentle enough to be used on your sponges and brushes every day.

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