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Oral-B Superfloss Mint 50 Pre-Cut Strands

Oral-B Superfloss Mint is ideal for people who use braces or bridges, as it allows to clean around the dental appliances.

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Oral-B Superfloss Mint is perfect to help clean between dental work for healthier teeth and gums. It combines three different flosses in just one strand: a stiffened end, a spongy floss, and also a regular floss. The stiffened end is able to floss under dental appliances, the spongy floss cleans around appliances and wide gaps and the regular floss helps to remove plaque under the gumline. The pre-cut strands guarantee that all three are available per use. It is ideal to complement your daily oral hygiene being able to remove both plaque and particles of areas your brush can't reach allowing you a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.


Oral-B Superfloss Mint has the following characteristics:

  • Ideal for braces, bridges and also wide gaps;
  • Three different flosses in just one strand;
  • Allows flossing under dental appliances;
  • Cleans between wide spaces and also around appliances;
  • Removes the plaque under the gumline.

How to use

Use the different portions of the Oral-B Superfloss Mint according to your needs.

Additional Info

Product Indications

Braces, Bridges & Wide Gaps


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