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ISDIN Bexident Anticavity Mouthwash 500ml

Bexident Anticavity Mouthwash helps maintain fresh breath and prevents cavities thanks to new technology based on natural extracts.

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ISDIN Bexident Anticavity Mouthwash has the Cranpearls Tech which is an anticavity technology that stops bacteria proliferation and has triple antiplaque action. This product does not allow bacteria adhesion and plaque formation even in difficult access areas while having antioxidant properties. It also remineralizes teeth, in order to make them stronger against possible bacteria, and protects the teeth and gums.


ISDIN Bexident Anticavity Mouthwash has the following characteristics:

  • The Cranpearl Tech is a combination of sodium fluoride and cranberry extract that prevents bacteria proliferation even in difficult access areas and has triple antiplaque action;
  • Bioadhesive excipient prevents bacteria from adhering to the enamel and stops plaque formation;
  • Proanthocyanidins from the cranberry extract have antimicrobial, antiadhesive and antioxidant properties, inhibiting bacterial plaque formation;
  • Provides fresh and clean breath.

How to Use

Apply ISDIN Bexident Anticavity Mouthwash by filling the measuring cup to the marked line (15ml) and rinse without diluting, 3 times per day for 1 minute. Do not ingest food or beverages and do not rinse until 30 minutes after using this product.

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