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NeoStrata Clarify Gel Plus Salicylic 100ml

Neostrata Clarify Gel Plus Salicylic is a gel for acne-prone skin that can also help with other conditions such as keratosis pilaris and folliculitis.

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Neostrata Clarify Gel Plus Salicylic is a gel indicated for skin suffering from cell buildup that results in cases of acne, folliculitis or keratosis pilaris. The extremely fluid texture makes it ideal to apply on difficult areas like the chest, back, torso and arms, but it's also suitable for the face and neck. The combination of a high concentration of glycolic acid with salicylic acid is able to exfoliate the surface of the skin and to deeply cleanse the pores from within. The skin becomes clearer and is more even.


  • Texture: gel;
  • Skin issues: acne-prone skin, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris;
  • Time of application: morning and evening;
  • Age: 15+;
  • Skin type: oily to combination skin;
  • Main benefits: evens the skin texture, unclogs the pores;
  • Formulated without: parabens.

Main Ingredients

  • 15% Glycolic acid helps to even the skin texture and prevent dead cells buildup;
  • 2% Salicylic Acid unclogs the pores as it's capable of deeply penetrating the pore and having an exfoliating action from within.

How to use

Apply Neostrata Clarify Gel Plus Salicylic daily onto clean, dry skin on the face, neck, torso, back, chest and arms, if needed. Apply in the morning and/or evening.

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