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ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector 50ml

ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector is a dual-action care product that re-firms and redefines the contours of your jawline and chin.

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ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector is a dual-action hydrating care that helps sculpt your facial features. Engineered with a unique dual technology, this product combines a gel and a cream in the same bottle; the gel provides an instant blast of freshness upon application, while the cream leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and comfortable. The "healthy complexion" formula tackles the needs of men's skin head on: potent plant extracts work on hydrating, re-firming, and boosting the luminosity of the skin, all the while protecting from the damaging effects of environmental aggressions.

The ingenious bottle features two independent cylinders: one containing the gel, the other containing the cream. As a result, the two formulas never mix, preserving their properties until the moment of application. Simply press the pump, and the bottle will dispense the precise dose of product you need to bring your skin to the next level. The blended texture penetrates quickly into the skin, creating a smooth, firming film that doesn't look greasy or shiny. 84% of men report their skin texture is significantly improved after 4 weeks of using this product: 88% find it revitalized, while 75% note it feels firmer, with well-defined features that look great from every angle.


  • Texture: cream-gel;
  • Skin issues: dryness, dehydration, loss of firmness around the jawline and chin, sagging skin;
  • Time of application: morning and/or evening;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: moisturizes and firms the skin, sculpts the facial features around the jawline and chin, energizes and revitalizes the skin, protects the skin from the damaging effects of environmental aggressions, offers calming and soothing benefits, cream-gel texture penetrates quickly without creating a greasy or sticky finish.

Main Ingredients

  • Caffeine and baccharis extract promote the elimination of fat from the skin, which promotes firmer skin;
  • Asiaticoside reactivates the synthesis of collagen fibers in order to re-firm the skin;
  • Escin promotes microcirculation in order to boost the luminosity of the skin;
  • Lemon extract and salicylic acid help eliminate dead skill cells from the surface of the skin;
  • Organic oat polyoses form a firming film over the skin, therefore creating a firmer appearance;
  • Organic bisabolol and glycerin keep the skin hydrated and, therefore, comfortable;
  • African ebony, succory dock-cress, furcellaria, and sanicle extracts helps protect the skin from environmental damage.

How to use

Dispense 3 pumps of ClarinsMen Hydra-Sculpt Resculpting Perfector, then warm the product in the palm of your hands. Apply using the exclusive Clarins Draining Pressure Method: press three times on the cheeks, three times on the forehead, and five times on the neck.

In order to achieve the best possible results, you can add two extra steps to your routine. First, use your closed first to sculpt the chin, neck and facial contours with press and release pressure, working from the middle outwards. Second, place your fist below the nose and press down for 20 seconds for a quick energy boost. Repeat three times.

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