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Babé Oil Soap 100ml

Babé Oil Soap hydrates and soothes the skin thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids that nourish, prevent dehydration and provide immediate well-being.

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Babé Oil Soap Omega 3 is a daily care, that hydrates the skin without drying out, due to 40% emollient oils in its composition. Its high content of essential fatty acids restores the level of skin hydration, prevents dehydration and provides immediate well-being. This product is suitable for dry, very dry or atopic skin since it deeply nourishes and cleanses the skin, preventing dehydration. Also, it quickly soothes itchiness and tightness.


  • Texture: oil;
  • Skin issues: atopic skin;
  • Time of application: whenever necessary;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Skin type: dry to very dry, atopic skin;
  • Main benefits: hydrates, nourishes and cleans the skin.

Main Ingredients

  • 40% Soy Oil with emollient action;
  • 1% Inca Ichi Oil  that moisturizes the skin;
  • 0,5% Vitamin F with emollient and hydrating properties.

How to use

Apply Babé Oil Soap Omega 3 to wet skin and massage. Rinse with water.

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