NYX Pro Makeup Wonder Pencil Micro Highlight Stick
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NYX Pro Makeup Wonder Pencil Micro Highlight Stick creates natural and radiant looks with a practical format with multiple uses.


NYX Pro Makeup Wonder Pencil Micro Highlight Stick is a multi-purpose pencil that upgrades your makeup looks with no effort whatsoever. This micro-highlighting pencil not only highlights but also shapes your natural features. And it also conceals like a wonder. In fact, this pencil presents not one but two sides that complement each other and work in synergy to provide an unbelievable result. On one hand, it has a matte liner that can be used to brighten the waterline and make the eyes appear bigger and can also be used to define the lips for a plump look. On the other side, there is a shimmer liner that highlights the highest points of the face and can also be used under the lower brow arch for a lifting effect. All this with a creamy texture that feels comfortable and is easy to apply. And it sure delivers a highly pigmented result.

In short, this pencil presents an all-in-one product with multiple uses that truly changes your makeup game. Besides being practical to use, is also handy to carry with you anywhere so you always have it available to touch up your makeup throughout the day.  In other words, this pencil provides a convenient experience that ensures an effortless application even on the go. It is available in three different shades. This pencil is the beauty hack you need to create infinite looks!

  • Color payoff: intense;
  • Finish: matte and shimmer
  • Texture: stick pencil;
  • Good for: illuminating the skin, highlighting the highest points of the face, defining the lips;
  • Presentation: double-ended pencil;
  • Formulated without: ingredients of animal origin.
How to use

Apply NYX Pro Makeup Wonder Pencil Micro Highlight Stick by using the shimmer and matte side. Use the shimmer side to highlight the highest points of the face - nose, forehead, top of the cheekbones, cupid's bow, and lower brow arch. Apply the matte side to the waterline and to line the lips.

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