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Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution Eyes&Nose 40x5ml

Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution allows daily cleaning of the inside of the nose and eyes of the newborns, babies and adults.

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Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution in form of eyes and nasal drops, is recommended to clean the nose and as a daily eye wash. Thanks to the specifically developed formula it is safe for use from the first days of life. In case of nasal use, this product facilitates the removal of mucus, helps to unclog nose and clean the nasal passages. In case of eyes use, this saline solution gently cleans the outer surface of the eye by removing all the impurities and undesirable eye secretions. This sterile ocular and nasal solution contains salt. It moisturizes and soothes dryness of nasal mucosa and helps in removing the secretions from the nostrils.


Mustela Baby Physiological Serum is a product tested under the supervision dermatologists and pediatricians for optimum safety of your baby:

  • contains purified water;

How to use

Nasal use: Cover one of the nostril and put Mustela Baby Physiological Serum in the other. Press gently while keeping his head tilted. In case of newborns, enter drop by drop with minimal pressure.

Ophthalmic use: Apply Mustela Baby Physiological Serum to a cotton pad or cotton ball and wipe the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner. Replace cotton pad/ball for cleaning the other eye.


Each dose is a single dose and after opening it should not be reused. Do NOT inject.

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