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Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution Eyes&Nose 20x5ml

Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution allows daily cleaning of the inside of the nose and eyes of the newborns, babies and adults.

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Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution are sterile single-dose vials of physiological saline solution recommended for the daily hygiene of the nose and the eyes of the baby, child or adult. In case of nasal use, this product facilitates the removal of mucus, helps to unclog the nose, and cleans the nasal passages. In case of ophthalmic use, this saline solution gently cleans the outer surface of the eye by removing all the impurities and undesirable eye secretions. This sterile solution moisturizes easily restores comfort to the baby's nose and eyed.


  • Texture: water;
  • Skin issues: daily hygiene of the nose and eyes;
  • Time of application: once a day;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: can be used as often as necessary without any hazards, facilitates the daily hygiene of the baby's nose and eyes, encourages the release of secretions.

Main Ingredients

  • A minimal composition, composed of purified water and sodium chloride, ensures that this product can be used over the long term without any side effects.

How to use

For nasal use, tilt the baby's head to one side, introduce the tip of Mustela Baby Physiological Saline Solution into the nostril, and gently press on the vial. Blow the baby's nose.

For ophthalmic use, soak a cotton pad in the product and gently wipe the baby's eyelids. Alternatively, pour some drops in the baby's eye and wipe using a sterile compress.

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