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PROMOTIONAL PACK: Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment 50mlx2

Buy two bottles of Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment for a special price!

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This promotional pack contains the following products:

  • 2 bottles x Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment 50ml

PHYTO RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment is the first product worldwide to be able to repigment the first white hairs at their core. This means that the product doesn't contain any pigments itself, as it doesn't dye the hair, but helps to boost the melanin at the root, bringing back the lost color. This unique effect is achieved by the peptide discovered by Phyto after six years of research, the RE30 peptide, which mimics the protein alpha-MSH - this leads to a melanin boost at the root which then repigments the hair. This peptide also boosts catalase and inhibits the hydrogen peroxide, which has a bleaching effect on the hair and removes the pigmentation. Therefore, the new color is able to be fixed on the hair fibre and the hair will start growing with color again. The results will be visible as soon as the hair grows, which may take a few weeks. Suitable for both men and women and it can be used on dyed hair. Note that this product has been designed for the first white hairs, so the results may not be so visible if you have a wide percentage of white hairs. Read more about Phyto RE30 Anti White Hair Treatment here.

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