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ISDIN Bexident Post Treatment Mouthwash 250ml

ISDIN Bexident Post Treatment Mouthwash accelerates post-intervention recuperation.

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ISDIN Bexident Post Treatment Mouthwash accelerates recovery from bucodental injuries like ulcers from prosthetics, preimplantation treatments and maxilofacial surgery. It can actually be used for post-intervention recuperation from the moment you leave the dentist's office to accelerate recovery and prevent or reduce inflammation, thanks to its bioadhesive film and the Chitoheal technology that uses the repairing properties of chitosan combined with the antisseptic activity of chlorhexidine. It can also be used to help treat gengivitis if combined with targeted treatments thanks to its calming properties that protect the gums and oral mucosa. 


ISDIN Bexident Post Treatment Mouthwash has the following characteristics:

  • Accelerates the healing process by increasing cellular proliferation, boosting collagen synthesis, while also promotes a cleaner environment for tissue repair thanks to the bioadhesive film and the antiseptic properties
  • Reduces inflammation by diminishing vasodilation, reducing edema and the levels of IL-83. Thanks to dexpanthenol and alantoine, it also has a soothing and repairing action
  • Diminishes bleeding and capillary hyperactivity

How to use

Use ISDIN Bexident Post Treatment Mouthwash 3 times per day after each meal. Fill the measuring cup till the line and rinse your mouth for 30-60 seconds. Do not dilute with water.

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