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ISDIN Bexident Fresh Breath Mouthwash 500ml

Bexident Fresh Breath Mouthwash helps maintain fresh breath and keep away mouth dryness for up to 24 hours thansk to its innovative technology VSC Neutralizing Tech. Ideal for halitosis ou xerostomy.

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ISDIN Bexident Fresh Breath Mouthwash is a mouthwash with a long-lasting effect of fresh breath for 24 hours and that provides comfort to those who suffer from dry mouth problems. This product includes VSC Neutralizing Tech, which is a technology that neutralizes bacteria and blocks volatile sulfur compounds, that provides a sensation of freshness. It also fights dry mouth symptoms, while being a product with a long-lasting effect.


ISDIN Bexident Fresh Breath Mouthwash has the following characteristics:

  • Provides a lasting fresh breath and controls mouth dryness, providing comfort;
  • VSC Neutralizing Tech neutralizes bacteria and blocks volatile sulfur compounds that provide bad breath;
  • 0,15% Triclosan and 0,05% chlorhexidine have an antiseptic effect;
  • 1% Betaine helps relieve dry mouth symptoms;
  • The bioadhesive excipient provides long-lasting effects.

How to Use

Apply ISDIN Bexident Fresh Breath Mouthwash by filling the measuring cup to the marked line (15ml) and rinse without diluting, 3 times per day for 1 minute, after the meals. Do not rinse after using this product.

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